The music industry has changed. The increase in streaming and the decline of physical record sales has changed the face of the music industry forever.  There is no longer an emphasis upon The Top 40 and consumers are discovering music in different ways than before. 

We at the Northern Fringe, believe that this presents an exciting opportunity for those artists who have recorded great music in the past, but for whatever reason, did not get to use this music professionally within the industry.


Consumers are no longer relying upon 'The Top 40', music magazines or MTV to guide them to new music.  In the modern industry, 'new music' is often discovered through playlists, upon social media and through word of mouth.  We believe therefore, unlike the industry of the past, both current and non-current music have the opportunity to have use within the music business as it no longer matters when  a track was recorded for it to be considered 'new'. 

Millions of pieces of original music are recorded every year by artists around the world. Unfortunately, not all of these artists are presented with the opportunity to release, publish or distribute this music.  We want to take this music from your shelf at home and place it upon our shelf with our label - offering the chance for this music to reach the potential it deserves - to give worth back to music that has been cast aside.

The unique element to the Northern Fringe is that we work to blur the lines between 'new music' and 'music that is new to you'. We look to give all recorded music the chance to be heard.

We digitally distribute unreleased music across all platforms for consumers to discover as music that is 'new to them'.  We register all works with collection agencies worldwide and find extra ways to monetise this music through our publishing company and then collect all received royalties for our artists.



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